Founding Members

In 1907, the first experimental Scouting unit was formed on Brownsea Island by Robert Baden-Powell, later Lord Baden-Powell, our Founder and Chief Scout of the World.  Each year since, thousands of Scouts and Scouters have followed in our Founder’s footsteps by creating new Scouting units.

Founder's Bar
Founder’s Bar

In the Boy Scouts of America, the efforts of a unit’s founding members are recognized with a special piece of insignia.  The Founder’s Bar is worn by all youth and adults whose names are on a new-unit charter or who officially join the new unit before the unit recharters for the first time.   Youth and adults entitled to wear this insignia can sew the Founder’s Bar on the left sleeve of their uniform below the unit numeral.

Crew / Ship 4’s founding members are listed below.  Their work in forming and sustaining our unit has added to Scouting’s history.


Audrey B. Lenox C.
Elis D. James H.
Chloe L. Jonathan L.
Andrew M. Tucker M.
Julian R. Evan S.
Ella W. Madi W.


Chris Birdwell Sophia Etienne
Jordan Frye Robin Geaslin
Barbara Martin Doug McCaughan
Lance McCold Cait Newton
Tyler Newton Eduardo Padron
Sonny Schow George Shields
Samantha Sutton Joan Tomlinson
Dick Trowbridge David Wilds