Advising Team

AdvisorAdvisor/Skipper: George Shields
The Advisor/Skipper is the primary adult volunteer and is responsible for training youth officers, helping them plan a program of activities, coaching them in their leadership responsibilities, and obtaining adult help and resources as needed through the Crew/Ship Committee.  The Advisor/Skipper models the desired form of mentorship and coaches and guides the officers and members to lead their unit.  The Advisor/Skipper is one of the unit’s “Key 3” volunteers.

Associate Advisor

Associate Advisor/Mate for Administration:  Adam Stephens
Associate Advisor/Mate for Communications:  Georgia Miller
Associate Advisor/Mate for Program:  Eduardo Padron
Associate Advisor/Mate:  Lance McCold
The Advisor/Skipper is supported by Associate Advisors/Mates.  Some Associate Advisors/Mates mentor youth officers responsible for unit administration, communications, and program.  Associate Advisors/Mates also assist with skills instruction, equipment and transportation, and planning activities and special projects.

Crew/Ship Committee

Crew Committee ChairCrew/Ship Committee Chair:  Sonny Schow
The Crew/Ship Committee is led by the Crew/Ship Committee Chair, who schedules and conducts all committee meetings, coordinates programs, and serves as a liaison between the Advisor/Skipper and the unit’s Chartered Organization Representative.  The Crew/Ship Committee Chair appoints and supervises the Crew/Ship Committee and Advising Team.  The Crew/Ship Committee Chair is one of the unit’s “Key 3” volunteers.

Crew Committee

Crew/Ship Committee Members: Chris Birdwell, Susan Craigo, Jordan Frye, Laurie Kay, Sharon Kelley, Doug McCaughan, Samantha Sutton, and David Wilds
The Crew/Ship Committee supports the youth officers and the program that they design and implement.  Members are often parents and guardians of youth in the unit and community members who are interested in youth programs.  Committee members serve as coordinators for unit activities and equipment, fundraising, public relations, training, and the annual Scouting for Food and Friends of Scouting programs.

Chartered Organization Representative

Chartered Organization RepresentativeChartered Organization Representative:  Sonny Schow
The Chartered Organization Representative’s primary responsibility is to uphold the policies of the chartered organization and the Boy Scouts of America (“BSA”).  The Chartered Organization Representative ensures that all adults involved serve the best interests of the chartered organization and the BSA.  The Chartered Organization Representative is one of the unit’s “Key 3” volunteers.