Indoor Rock Climbing

Climb on! Left to right: David Wilds, crew committee member; Ella W., president; Tyler Newton, associate advisor; Andrew M., vice president of communications and crew guide; and James H., quartermaster. [📷 George Shields]

Crew 4 traveled to Onsight Rock Gym, Knoxville’s largest indoor rock climbing gym, on the evening of Thursday, May 8, 2017, to try out indoor rock climbing.  We had a blast!

Venturer Ella W. just after a successful first ascent [📷 George Shields]

Upon arrival, six Venturers—Elis D., James H., Jonathan L., Andrew M., Evan S., and Ella W.—and five volunteers—Cait Newton, Tyler Newton, Sonny Schow, George Shields, and David Wilds—checked-in, received climbing shoes, took a tour of the gym, and reviewed the gym’s rules.

Associate Advisor Cait Newton double-checks Venturer Evan S. [📷 George Shields]

We then joined two staff instructors in the Private Event Room for an extended Introduction to Climbing class, where we learned the fundamentals of the sport of rock climbing.  We learned belaying, climbing safety, equipment usage, and the basics of moving along the wall.

After demonstrating our newly-learned skills to the satisfaction of our instructors, we spent the rest of the night belaying and climbing on the gym’s over 12,000 square feet of climbing surfaces and over 50 foot tall walls.

Indoor rock climbing was a fun and adventurous experience that built trust and confidence within ourselves and with each other.  We will definitely be returning to Onsight Rock Gym for more indoor rock climbing!

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